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About Us

CJD E-Cycling is a family-owned, full-service computer and electronics recycler serving the St. Louis and Metro East areas. CJD E-Cycling follows all Illinois laws and regulations and is an EPA-approved collector.

In addition to our e-waste recycling services for consumers, we also offer services for business, including bulk data destruction, data center decommissioning, and tailored pickup services.

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Our Services

Consumer Residential

We’re here to serve Residential Consumers, offering services like Electronics Recycling, Electronic Scrap Purchasing, Scrap Metal Purchasing, and Tailored Pickup. Clear space in your home and support a greener future – explore our services today!

Business Enterprise

We are your premier partner for sustainable electronics solutions tailored to Business Enterprises. Our services, including Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction, and more, ensure compliance and environmental responsibility. Explore our services today to optimize your electronic asset management.

Scrap Purchasing

We specialize in Electronic Scrap and Scrap Metal, offering competitive prices and eco-friendly disposal through our Tailored Pickup service. Explore our services today to reduce waste and maximize the value of your discarded materials with CJD Ecycling.

Host an E-Waste Drive

We offer a straightforward and impactful way for you, your business, or your community to contribute to e-waste recycling. Gather all types of electronic devices, from outdated computers and smartphones to printers and electronic accessories, and we’ll handle the rest. Join us in making a significant difference in reducing electronic waste. Sign up today!

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