Who We Are

In light of Illinois laws banning e-waste from landfills, the community has a greater need for legal, ethical, and environmentally friendly ways to get rid of their outdated electronic devices.

That’s where CJD comes in.

CJD E-Cycling is a family-owned electronics recycling company. We provide those necessary metal and electronics recycling services to companies and citizens of the Metro East, St. Louis, and surrounding areas.

We’ve made it our mission to keep electronic waste out of landfills and put it back into our community as recycled and refurbished materials. In addition to e-cycling, we also purchase scrap metal and sell refurbished computers. Part of ethically recycling or refurbishing electronics is proper data destruction, and with our services, you can feel secure that no unauthorized individual will be able to access your information.

CJD E-Cycling follows all Illinois laws and regulations and is an EPA-approved collector.

Community Outreach

CJD E-Cycling is a proud sponsor of the Riverbend Down Syndrome Association, an all-volunteer group that provides support and information to parents of children with down syndrome in Southwestern Illinois. Our aim is to support each other and enrich the lives of our children so they may reach their fullest potential to lead an independent life within the community.

How can CJD help?

Put our commitment to environmentally friendly e-waste disposal to work for you. If you have any questions about our services can help you declutter your life and improve your environmental impact, don’t hesitate to reach out.