CJD Behind The Scenes

Get a closer look at what goes on here at CJD E-Cycling. From data destruction to scrap metal purchasing and everything in between, we provide solutions to all your e-waste problems. Watch these clips to learn more about all the different components of our business.

Overview & Services

CJD is a multifaceted business that meets many of the community’s needs, from scrap metal purchasing to selling affordable, refurbished electronics to our community.

Inside the E-Store

Take a look inside the CJD E-Store. Here, you can purchase refurbished electronics such as flat-screen TVs, laptop computers, and full computer systems at reasonable prices.

Inside the Warehouse

CJD E-Cycling’s warehouse is where we process all of our electronics. Some of these components are recycled and others are repurposed, but all move onto a greener next stage of their lifecycles.

Business Services

CJD offers a wide variety of services for different organizations, including tailored pickup, e-scrap purchasing, bulk purchasing, e-cycling for schools and businesses, and recycling and e-waste drives.

Processing & Data Destruction

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at how we process our materials and securely destroy data.

Drive-thru & Drop-off Process

See how we safely and efficiently operate our drive-through and drop-off locations.