Electronic Scrap Recycling: A Quick Guide To Trading Successfully

Dec 2, 2014 | Recycling

The term electronic scrap recycling (or e-scrap recycling) is used to refer to the industry where money is traded for old electronic devices and metals with the aim of refining and re-purposing them as precious metals. Of course, the types of scrap electronics that can be purchased will vary. As a result, the prices will vary also. As is the case with most industries, prices are determined predominantly by demand. Therefore, the higher the demand, then the higher the price paid to acquire the electronic scrap. As such, it is important for traders (namely sellers) to do some research to get an idea of what they are working with. Still, the old adage remains true, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and your old computer parts and other electronic and technology devices can earn you some extra money.

Electronic Scrap Recycling

What To Know In Order To Benefit From Electronic Scrap Recycling

As is the case with any kind of trading, or buying and selling, arming yourself with knowledge about e-scrap recycling is a key component to one’s success. Ignorance is not bliss. Here’s how you can go about benefiting from electronic scrap recycling:

Electronic Scrap Recycling Tip 1: Know What You Are Working With

As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, it is important to take stock of the old electronic and technological devices you may have in light of what different aspects of the e-scrap market is demanding. It is important to remember that certified and licensed e-scrap recycling companies (or entities) for the most part, will process (that is refine and recycle) a host of electronic scrap including (but not limited to) some of these high demand items:

  • Processors
    Computer Chips
    Circuit Boards
    Assorted Electronics

Understanding this will help you decide where to trade, as well as have a clear idea regarding what to expect.

Electronic Scrap Recycling Tip 2: Research Your Dealers

In addition to knowing what your electronic scrap is worth in light of industry demands, it is important that you trade with companies (or entities) that are reputable. Reputable companies that are certified and/or licensed, will not only give you more bang for your buck, but they are also much safer. It is important to pay attention to the fine print, pay attention to reviews, request documentation regarding certification, and conduct other forms of research that will be useful to you during your verification process. Once satisfied that a dealer or trader is reputable, then you can begin the process of exchanging your electronic scrap for cash.

Electronic Scrap Recycling Tip 3: Compare, Compare, And Compare Again

As in any other business, one should always shop around for the best price. The price offered for your e-scrap may vary form one company or trading entity to the next. As such, it is important to compare what you one company or entity is offering with another. This will help you get the best possible price for your electronic scrap and thereby help you secure a more successful electronic scrap recycling trade.