Five Ways On How To Recycle Your Old Computers and Electronics

Aug 28, 2013 | Recycling

We love our electronics. Not only do we use computers for work, but our televisions have a number of systems in order to maximize our entertainment, with game consoles, DVD players, and wireless options for streaming video. A lot of people leave the house with two pieces of electronics, usually at least a phone. This is all fine and good until it comes time to dispose of the electronic waste; because of the very materials that they are made of they cannot just be disposed of by throwing them away. Some of the materials that they are made of can be extremely hazardous to the environment. Therefore we need to find ways how to recycle our electronics very carefully.

recycling old electronics

How To Recycle Electronics

Electronics need to be taken apart down to their component parts and those individual materials need to be recycled separately. Some of the materials need to be separated out so that they do not enter the environment, such as mercury or some of the heavier metals. This means that the person who receives the electronics must have specialized training in dismantling electronics and know where to send the component parts to be properly disposed of. This is the most basic way how to recycle them.

Other Ways How to Recycle Electronics

Some electronics have not been completely spent, and some companies realize this. This is why they offer trade-ins for some electronics, especially phones; they can take in the phones and refurbish them so that they can be sold again. Although not all phones can be sold, usually due to issues of the model being too out of date or simply being at the end of their life spans, and so are not refurbished but are still taken in. In essence, they are either refurbished for sale or sent to a recycler to be taken apart.

Of course, if the electronics are not yet at the end of their life spans, they can be sold or donated. Although this means that the owner may take a hit on the cost, he did hopefully get a lot of use out of the electronics in question before getting rid of it. However, in some cases this means that he can get a tax break out of it, especially if he donates to the right organization. It should be noted that some local charities have taken up recycling electronics as a way to raise funds in much the same way as they recycle junk cars to raise funds, making this an efficient way how to recycle.

How to Recycle Electronics For Profit

There are a number of other ways how to recycle electronics, of course. Some electronics are the subject of searches by collectors. Game consoles are a good example of this, as they are imminently collectible. Others are looking for parts for their electronics; they may have older computers that they want to keep running on original parts. Some like the look produced by older cameras and so look for them. Others may look for older electronics out of a sense of nostalgia, as the electronics may be similar to something that they had as kids. In short, there are a number of reasons for someone to be looking for older electronics.

There are a number of ways to recycle old electronics. Sometimes it is just a a matter of finding someone interested in them, and in others finding someone interested in keeping them out of the environment. It is just a matter of find the right recycler and the right method for the person involved. It may take a little effort to find the right method, sometimes making a listing on a classified ads site. But once the right method is found it can make it all worth it, so it is definitely worth investigating.