Pros And Cons Of Refrigerant Recycling

Dec 15, 2014 | Recycling

Slowly, as most refrigerant options become costlier to develop and use, HVACR experts are looking into refrigerant recycling programs. This is a process that can help reduce the contaminants found in the refrigerant, allowing it to be reused in the same equipment, or used in equipment owned by the same owner. This is not the same thing as reclaiming refrigerant, which is based on a multiple filtration process that reclaims that refrigerant in order to use it for industry purity standards. There are many different advantages and disadvantages that come with the recycling process, and researchers are constantly looking into ways to optimize it.

Refrigerant Recycling

Advantages Of Refrigerant Recycling

One of the most immediate advantages that individuals will be able to enjoy is the fact that refrigerant recycling allows them to save money on what would have been an otherwise costly replacement procedure. If the refrigerant is not replaced in a system, it can end up harming the system itself, which can lead to more expense paid in the long run, as well as the chance that the system will break down. By investing in the recycling process, individuals will be able to avoid such costly repairs.

Because recycling refrigerant means reusing the same batch from the same device through the filtration process, a lot of the impurities that would have built up over time in the device have been removed. If left alone for too long, these impurities can end up clogging the machine and cause it to fail. Combined with the price at which refrigerant recycling is performed, individuals can expect to have much more efficient units that not only run smoother, but also last longer. The process can help significantly increase the life of your unit without you having to worry about servicing individual parts.

Disadvantages Of Refrigerant Recycling

While there are many advantages that come with the refrigerant recycling process, there are also some disadvantages as well. Recycling your refrigerant can allow you to remove a lot of impurities from the mixture, but it does not completely eliminate all of them. Refrigerant reclaiming is a much more thorough and intensive filtration process that removes many more impurities from the refrigerant, which can allow it to be used by many more machines. A certified reclaiming specialist will be able to clean the mixture and make sure that it passes industry standard levels. This means that it can be reused with your unit with much better results.

Another disadvantage of this process is the fact that once the refrigerant has been recycled, it can only be used by the owner and the company. This can be limiting to some owners who may want to switch their equipment, but for those who do not mind the limitations will be able to benefit greatly. The decision by the owner will ultimately be based on the condition of the refrigerant, the owner’s equipment, and whether a contractor is available locally to help. Refrigerant recycling can be a very sound decision if you would like to get a little bit more use from your appliance and save money while you do it.