Scrap Purchasing

Welcome to CJD Ecycling, your trusted partner for sustainable scrap purchasing solutions. We specialize in Electronic Scrap Purchasing and Scrap Metal Purchasing, offering competitive prices for your discarded electronic components and metals. Additionally, our Tailored Pickup service ensures that you can conveniently turn your outdated electronics into cash while promoting eco-friendly disposal practices.

At CJD Ecycling, we are committed to providing a seamless and environmentally responsible approach to scrap purchasing. Join us in reducing waste and maximizing the value of your discarded materials – explore our services today and unlock the potential in your scrap!

Electronic Scrap Purchasing
Earn a little extra cash for a good deed. We buy some electronic scrap and make sure it moves into the next phase of its lifecycle ethically.
Scrap Metal Purchasing
We’ll take certain kinds of scrap metal off your hands and offer you a small sum for it. Learn which kinds of metal we purchase.
Tailored Pickup
Have CJD come to you and take all the outdated electronics your organization has accumulated over the years off your hands.