How an E-Recycling Center Works

You’ve probably heard plenty about how beneficial an e-recycling center can be for the environment — if you haven’t, these centers keep harmful chemicals out of landfills and help reduce the need for mining of finite resources, among other benefits. Amidst all the...

What to Bring to Your Nearest Copper Recycling Center

One of the largest industries in the world is scrap metal recycling. Recycling copper wire or any other copper scrap is part of the restore, renew, and recycle culture that is a fast-growing practice in most communities. Like with every kind of recycling, there is a...

How To Recycle Batteries Responsibly and Safely

Did you know that you shouldn't just throw batteries in the garbage? When a battery doesn't work anymore there is a sustainable way to dispose of it to protect the environment. You can recycle batteries. There are many electronic devices in homes, offices, schools,...

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